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Researcher-Safety Critical Systems - Marie Curie
Reference CSW-CSTEP-2011-SPC-03189
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Location Coimbra, Portugal
Start Date 01-09-2011
Duration 12 months
Company Information Critical Software SA
Parque Industrial de Taveiro, Lote 48
Website: http://www.criticalsoftware.com
Job Description The candidate will be participating in on-going projects related with the dependability and safety assessments of safety-critical software with international customers. The candidate will be integrated in a highly competitive and highly motivated team work in the development, verification and validation of safety critical systems for very demanding markets (space, aeronautics, railway, etc). He/she shall support the development of industrial, business strategies and marketable tools (e.g. fault-injection, qualitative and quantitative analyses) for evaluating the robustness and dependability levels of OTS components in Safety Critical Systems (SCSs), and thus making more effective the processes of OTS selection/integration and assessment within a complex system or as a basis for system qualification/certification; The safety/dependability properties assessed shall ensure development of highly competitive, dependable, robust and certifiable safety critical software systems for both public and private end-users in Europe as well as other continents, outperforming foreign software and system developers in terms of quality, based on an open source middleware platform for Mission Critical and Near Real-Time applications (as for example, in Air Traffic Management).
Qualifications Required Education Level: PhD/MBA (or equivalent) degree in system and/or software engineering, preferably in a field related to the job opening.

Years of Research Experience: 4 years of experience in activities related to Safety Critical Systems including activities related to marketing and business analysis and business strategies.

Positions available:
A. The researcher shall have a graduation in Informatics or Computer Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science Engineering (or equivalent work experience)
• Knowledge on failure mode identification and classification;
• Knowledge on fault injection techniques and tools (SW and HW fault injection);
• Knowledge on embedded system design;

The candidate shall not be of Portuguese nationality and obey to the European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers
Number of Openings 1
Highest finished education University
How to Apply Direct e-mail to jobs@criticalsoftware.com, sending reference to this position, introduction letter and CV.
Directly from the company web site:
Carreers--> Researcher-Safety Critical Systems- Marie Curie
Email Resume To nsilva@criticalsoftware.com

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